Finding the Job Status Update Contractor Access XML Agent import specification in Confirm

Products affected: Confrim®
Product Feature: Non-routine Maintenance


These records contain details of the Status of Works Order Jobs that have been issued to a Contractor. Only Jobs for which the Contractor wishes to notify Confirm® of a change of Status need be included in the import file.

Confirm will apply its normal rules for Job Status changes when validating imported data. For instance it will not be possible for a Contractor to change a Job to a status to which Contractors do not have access. The status of the Job in Confirm and that supplied in the import file must have the “Import Contractor Quote” check box ticked in Confirm.

It will not be possible to change the status of a Job which is already at a Status to which Contractors do not have access, i.e. if has been changed since the Job was issued to the Contractor.

Details stored in the Status Log that are not included in the import file will be carried forward from the previous Status Log entry. These details are Follow-up code, Follow-up date and Allocated Officer code.

Logged Date is set to the time of the import.

The Job Start date/time and Estimated Completion date/time, if supplied, will be used to update the Job Start Date and Estimated Completion Date fields. The Job must be at a status that allows contractor Job Status updates and imports for this to occur.

The Status code is optional. The Log Effective Date is mandatory, but where the Status is not supplied the Follow Up will not be recalculated. Job Status Updates imported via the agent will not subsequently be re-exported when the relevant Job would be exported.

Data Format - Job Status

1N, fixed.210Header identifier
2N, fixed220Record type identifier, Job Status Update
3N8.0 Job number
4C4 Status code (optional)
5C4 “Logged by” Officer code
6D  Log Effective date
7C2000 Log text
8T  Log time (optional)
9D  Estimated Start date (optional)
10T  Estimated Start time (optional)
11D  Estimated Completion date (optional)
12T  Estimated Completion time (optional)
13N4 External System Reference Number (optional)
14A50 External Order Reference (optional)
15A50 External Job Reference (optional)


UPDATED:  June 13, 2018