How to know if the .epd (EXTRA PIECE DETAIL) Mail.dat file required and what is it for using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus
Product Feature: Mail.dat

Operating System: All Platforms

At this time the .epd file is not required or used by the USPS.  Whether at some time the USPS/PostalOne! will require and use it is not known.  

The reason the .epd was added as a Mail.dat file in the 15-1 standards was because the Mailing Industry requested it.  They wanted the optional file so that mailers could use it if they want to determine the responsible parties for the Move Update Supplier or Piece Uniqueness Manager information.  
The idea is that if there is something wrong with the information, and the USPS charges the mailer for it, then the mailers wanted a way to be able to determine who *they* in turn could bill for the bad Move Update or Piece Uniqueness information.

There is not a feature to generate this file using MailStream Plus current version 8.3.3.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017