MailStream Plus message MSWKCM file not found so it was not loaded in the IVP job

When the parameter RUNMSP is set to NNYY the user is indicating that Run Statistics (ST) and Run Presort (PS) were created in a prior presort process which are position position [8] and [10] of the RUNMSP required before Run Posting (NA) and Run Report (RP) positions [12] and [14]. The message is indicating that the Statistics step communication file wasn't available or created because the of the [N] in position [8] and [10].

The MailStream Reference Guide mentions the error message - 7002- MSWKCM file not found so it was not loaded
Determine the reason the file was not found. Perhaps the file had been deleted and the Statistics function wasn't run in the current presort job process to indicate MSWKCM wasn't generated.

If  users wish to use the RUNMSP NNYY parameter setup they will be required to run the full presort process to completion with parameter setup RUNMSP YYYY then run parameter RUNMSP NNYY.

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017