e-Messaging: Working with Custom Email Header

Product Feature: Background Processes
e-Messaging has the ability to insert custom email header fields and values.

However, not all email headers are supported in the DIJ file i.e. DIJ is able to override ONLY the mandatory headers (Email, Subject, etc) and fields available as email headers on the Outbound Profile Settings page (i.e. reply-to, error-to, attachment file extension, attachment content type, etc) - please refer to section Custom DIJ fields required for e-Messaging of e-Messaging Reference Guide for the full list of available email headers to override.

For custom email headers, there are only two options available (please refer to section Headers – Configuring Additional E-mail Headers of e-Messaging Reference Guide for more details):
1. profile-specific configuration, defined in the header.xml, and
2. vendor-wide configuration, defined in the default-header.xml
UPDATED:  March 30, 2017