How to create hotlink in MapInfo Pro (32-bit)

UPDATED: April 1, 2017

1. Create a new column in the table that contains the map object to hotlink using Table > Maintenance > Table Structure  - Add Field. 
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2. Browse the table. Enter the file path to the map object that you wish to hotlink.
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3. In the Layer Control, click on Hotlink Options.
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4. In the HotLink Options dialog, select the new column created in Step 1 in the Filename Expression dropdown.
To permanently save the Hotlink settings to the table, select 'Save options to table metadata'. 
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5. Click the HotLink button in the toolbar then click on the map object that you have hotlinked. This will open the file referenced in Step 2.
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Environment Details

Products affected: MapInfo Pro (32-bit), MapInfo Discover bundle (32-bit)


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