Adding more seed numbers for a Work Group in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Confirm® uses seed numbers for many records to ensure records in database are unique.  These can be set in window in System Administration > All Seed Numbers

Select the window for the seed number you need to set and chose the relevant Work Group. and you will see that the seed numbers have reached the maximum. 

Use the List button, select the Work Group Seed Numbers List report and this will then show you what the seed numbers are for all groups, check the relevant seed numbers for all the groups and then change the required work group range to a range that has not been used.

You can set values in This Range or Next Range as shown below.

User-added image
Once the range in This Range is used up Confirm automatically moves the values from Next Range to This Range and continues to assign seed numbers.  If the range in This Range is used up  and there are none in Next Range Confirm cannot create new records.  In this example the Work Group 'Port Talbot' would not be able to create any Jobs until new seed numbers are set.

When you set new values for Next Range Confirm also validates the This Range settings and will give an error if they are the same such as,
Seed Number is not a valid entry:
Job seed must be less than maximum
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In this instance set new values in in This Range instead of Next Range.
UPDATED:  December 3, 2018