How to set the notification retry settings to stop a failing notice from continually trying to resend in Confirm Street Works


Within the Street Works Initiation System Settings screen, use the notification retries settings to limit the amount of retires that the agent will attempt when sending a failed notice.

Notification Retries

Street Works Transfer will attempt to resend the following on each cycle until they are successfully received by the Recipients System:

• EToN 4+ Notices and Comments  
• Fixed Penalty Notices
• OD
• Restrictions

EToN 1-3 Notices, Comments and Inspections (any version) are not affected by these settings.

It is possible to instruct Street Works Transfer to pause between retries using the Notification Retries facility and/or after a certain number of Retries stop sending them permanently which will prevent repeated failures from occurring.
After:Gives the initial number of times Street Works Transfer will try to resend a notification which has failed on the first attempt. After this number of retries, Street Works Transfer will temporarily stop retrying.
Retry every:This field gives the number of hours for which the Street Works Transfer will temporarily stop resending the notification. When the Retry time elapses then Street Works Transfer will attempt to resend the notification before pausing for the Retry period again, until the number of retries is equal to the 'Stop retrying' value.

The default for 'After' is 1. The default for 'Retry every' is 0. These settings indicate Street Works Transfer will continue to attempt to send the notification on every cycle without a break.

Stop retrying:This field gives the total number of attempts after which the Street Works Transfer will stop trying to resend the failed notifications. The default for 'Stop retrying' is 0. This indicates that Street Works Transfer will continue to send the failed notifications indefinitely.

The User can attempt to resend a failed notifications by using the Resend functionality.

Street Works Transfer will only attempt to resend the failed notification once more if the 'Stop retrying' value has been exceeded. The Street Works Transfer will also wait until the 'Retry every' period has elapsed before resending the failed notification.

UPDATED:  June 28, 2017