How to configure the Mapped Drive Settings for use with ConfirmConnect and the Task Processor

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure


Mapped Drive Settings

The Mapped Drive Settings screen allows drive letters to be assigned to UNC paths which can then be used by ConfirmConnect™ and Confirm Task Processor.

This allows the Confirm Task Processor and ConfirmConnect™ to access these network locations without needing to map a drive letter on the server.

For Example: The Document Links System Settings screen has its Document Store Folder mapped to "P:\Photos\". A "P" drive is mapped on this screen which has a Path set to "\\Network\Document Links\". This allows ConfirmConnect™ to read the full path as "\\Network\Document Links\Photos\"



Select the Drive letter you wish to associate a UNC path to.


Enter the UNC path for the Drive letter.  

UPDATED:  October 9, 2017