How to safely remove users from Portrait Dialogue

It is recommended to deactivate users rather than delete them, inactive users will not be able to log on to the system.

This is done by unchecking the Active user box in the User Properties.

User-added image

If Portrait Dialogue users must be removed, care must be taken to determine what objects they have created and what tasks they might have, and do housekeeping on them before deleting the user.  Note it is often difficult to be sure exactly what a given user created especially in big environments.

Removing users that have created dialogs, for example, can cause the following error:

User-added image

This happens due to associations and relationships in the database that a user has with their created dialogs.
If dialogs that this user created are also removed or if these dialogs have their ownership set to other users in the Object security folder the above error should not appear. 

Besides ownership of objects, there are also relationships (foreign keys) to tasks and task work groups that will result in foreign key errors when deleting a user.  These relationships can be removed using Task Organizer (a tool inside Visual Dialogue to distribute tasks created either by running a Create task operation in a dialog or manually in Customer View to users and groups).

Note the exception, deleting a user is most frequently used when a new user was created by a mistake, such as with the wrong name,
this new user can safely be deleted as it has no related dialogs or tasks.
UPDATED:  August 1, 2017