How to create the Street Works inspection Batch Statement Charges to send to utilities in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works



To calculate the annual sample size, where three years of Inspection information is present in Confirm, run the Annual Programme Batch.

Where the system has not been in use three years, and therefore there is not enough data present in Confirm to make the calculation, the calculation will have to be done manually, and the results entered into the Annual Program Lookup.


Producing Statements

At the end of each month, or each quarter, use the Statement Batch utility to list all Inspections carried as a Statement.

Use the Statement form to view the Inspections that the batch utility has included. Any Inspections that have been incorrectly included can be deleted.

Use the Statement Print to produce both the invoice (select Summary in the Report Level field of the filter) and the detailed list of Inspections (select Detail in the Report Level field of the filter).

UPDATED:  June 29, 2017