Confirm - Resolve Special Event Appearing on Notice

Product Feature: Street Works

If you receive a permit application and in the Designations it shows “Special Events”, but when you look on the Designations tab on the site record there is no special event designation in there. 

The "Special Event" designations is coming from the Desginations Look up under Main > Site Lookups > Gazeteer Lookups > Designation 

The probable cause of this Designation in the Permit notice is: 

When we create a Notice, under Dates and Designations section of the notice, we can select additional Designations in addition to the Designations in the site. 

We believe, when the notice was created, the designation "Special Events" was selected and that is the reason why this Designation is coming up in this notice. This is specific to the notices.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017