How to copy a feature to new site in Confirm

Product Feature: Asset Register

Operating System: Windows 7
In 'Feature' tab - through 'action- copy feature' only allows to copy features on existing site.

'Feature Resequence' and 'Feature Copy Batch' can be used to copy feature to the new site. 

The 'Feature Copy Batch' tool allows batch copies to be made from one 'Site' to another. 

The top part of the filter (above the grey line) defines the current and new sites for the selected features. 

The bottom of the form (below the grey line) further describes the features to be copied, within the above-specified site. 

Note: Features will be copied with their current plot numbers. These figures must, therefore, be available for the new Site. Features can be resequenced first if there is a conflict of numbering. 

Click on 'OK' to display a preview list of new (copied) Features. Save the 'Preview' to create the proposed Feature. 
UPDATED:  August 23, 2017