Spectrum Error: 'Unable to import xxxxx.df .ValidationResults [errors=[Unable to find stage:dummyStage]]'.

UPDATED: April 3, 2017

For all the unsupported and custom transforms in Sagent plans, a dummy stage is placed in its equivalent place in the Spectrum data flow on conversion.

However, while importing the dataflow in Enterprise Designer, a warning dialog is displayed as follows with the message: "Unable to import xxx.df.ValidationResults [errors=[Unable to find stage:dummyStage]]."

This message is expected because of unrecognized stages in the converter workflow.

User-added image

Click OK to close this dialog. Refresh the server explorer pane and double click the data flow to open it in the editor area.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Sagent To Spectrum Converter

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit



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