Fonts available for editable text containers in EngageOne

Product Feature: Interactive Editor (ActiveX)

When creating a template that has editable containers for use in the EngageOne® correspondent, only the fonts available to the template will appear in the drop down list.

If there are fonts showing in the drop down that shouldn't be there, it means they have been carried across with the template from Designer.

Firstly, check the template-master.xml in the template zip file for the list of fonts that are included, if there is a font that should not be there, make a note of the type face, style and point size.  Locate this font in Designer, and either "show dependency" in V6.x, or "show used by" in version 5.6 to obtain a list of items that are using this font.

Open the items in question, and firstly perform a "edit\find and replace" on the fonts to see if the unwanted font is present, if it is, replace it with a required font, and save (save and issue for V5.6), then republish the template involved, and again check template-master.xml to see if the font is still present..  If it is, then please contact software support either via portal, email or phone.

It is not possible to select fonts that have been imported with any other template, even though they may be in the same domain.
UPDATED:  August 10, 2018