How to configure Bridges and Structures in the Structures Toolkit in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works

Here is a step-by-step guide to configure Bridges & Structures within Confirm in accordance with the information required for the Structures Toolkit.
Step 1 - Configuring the Lookups
(Condition Survey - BCI Report module)

The Structures Toolkit requires specific information about the Structures to be supplied to it, including Name, Location, Length, Width etc.

To create the Lookups required to configure Confirm to support Bridges and Structures, a set of import files that are supplied on the Confirm Media can be imported into Confirm. These import files will include creating:

Feature Groups 
Feature Types, e.g. Bridge, Bridge Span, Retaining Wall Panels etc. 
Measurement Types, e.g. Length, Width, Critical Headroom etc. 
Attribute Types and Values, e.g. Heritage, Conservation Area etc. 
Inventory Types, e.g. linking Spans to Parent Structures etc. 
Observation Types, e.g. Primary Deck Element, Foundations etc. 
Observation Parameters, e.g. Grades 1A to 5E etc. 
Defect Types, e.g. Metalwork Section Loss etc. 
The import files also link the corresponding entities such as Attribute Types and Measurement Types to the Feature Groups.

For users who have existing Bridges and Structures data already configured within their Confirm, a subset of the import files that just contain the configuration required to supply the Structures Toolkit can be found on the Confirm Media

Step 2 - Update Scripts
(Condition Survey - BCI Report module)

The Structures Toolkit requires data supplied to it in a specific format. In order to provide this an External Reference field is available on the Feature Type, Observation Type and Attribute Value Lookups. The Confirm Media includes update scripts that will require running once, which will set the External Reference fields of a number of Lookups to be exactly what is required by the Structures Toolkit.

These update scripts also populate the Structure Toolkit System Settings required by the Structures Toolkit Data Export utility (which outputs Structures data in the correct format for the Structures Toolkit).

For users who have existing Bridges and Structures data already configured within Confirm, the update scripts also add the new Attribute Types and Measurement Types created via the import files to their existing Structures Features.

Step 3 - BCI Calculations
(Condition Survey - BCI Report module)

BCI Scores for Bridges and Structures will be calculated automatically when an Inspection Batch is created or Signed-off. This BCI Score is stored against two Observation Types, BCI Average and BCI Critical.

These Observation Types will be created by the import files and will also be added to the existing Bridges and Structures Feature Groups. These Observation Types will need to be set within the Bridge Condition Indicator System Settings. 

Once this has been done run the Structures Condition Indicator List, specifying all of the Bridges and Structures Features within Confirm, and this will calculate the BCI Scores for all of the existing Inspection Batches against these Features.

Note: This may take some time to complete the first time it is run after upgrading to v14. Subsequent runs will be much faster.

Step 4 - Secondary Sign-off of Inspections
(Condition Survey - BCI Report module)

Some types of Inspection, such as Bridge Inspections, require the results to be reviewed before they are updated to the Feature. A flag called 'Sign-off Required' is available on the Inspection Type lookup, which specifies whether Inspections of this Inspection Type require signing-off after being completed.

If this behaviour is required then tick the 'Sign-off Required' checkbox on the 'Principal Inspection' and 'General Inspection' Inspection Types.

Checking the ‘Sign-off Required’ setting will set the ‘Sign-off Date’ and ‘by’ fields for all existing completed Inspection Batches of this Inspection Type whose ‘Sign-off Date’ is currently blank. The ‘Sign-off Date’ will be set as the same date as the Inspection Batch’s ‘Completion Date’, and the ‘by’ field will be set to the current logged in User.

Step 5 - Structures Toolkit Data Export 
(Condition Survey - BCI Report module)

The Structures Toolkit Data Export utility exports Structure Features, Attributes and Inspection result data from Confirm to a spreadsheet that can be input directly into the Structures Toolkit spreadsheet.

A Named Selection of all the Structures that need to be included in the export will be required.

After creating the Named Selection, run the Structures Toolkit Data Export utility with the Named Selection created above and verify the data is exported correctly.

Confirm will export 2 files namely filename.csv and filename_elements.csv. The data within the exported spreadsheets needs to be copied to the Structures Toolkit. 

For Structure Tab, Copy the data within the <filename.csv> in the Structure Tab of the Structures Toolkit. Copy columns 'A' to columns 'O' from <filename.csv> to column 'B' to column 'P' of Structure Tab. Copy columns 'P' to columns 'T' from <filename.csv> to column 'Y' to column 'AC' of Structure Tab.

For Elements Tab, Copy the Data within the <filename_elements.csv> in the Element tab of the Structure Toolkit. 

Use the 'Check' columns in the Elements Tab to verify the correctness of the Data.

For assistance on ensuring the exported data is correct please refer to the Structures Toolkit Export System Settings

UPDATED:  October 6, 2017