What versions of Portrait Interaction Optimizer, Dialogue and HQ are certified to work together

Product Feature: General enquiry

The following is a matrix of Portrait HQ, Interaction Optimizer (IO), Dialogue (PD) and Foundation release versions that are certified to work together - according to the various release notes.

​1.2​5.0​4.2 SP2 U3
​1.3​5.15.1​​4.2 SP2 U3
​1.4​5.2​5.1​4.3 U2
​1.5​5.3​5.1​4.3 U2
​1.8​5.45.2​​4.4 U1
​1.9​5.4​5.1 SP2​4.4 U1
​1.10​5.4 U1​5.1 SP2​4.4 U1
​1.11​5.4 U2​5.2​4.4 U3
​2.0​5.5​6.0​4.4 U4
​2.1​5.6​6.1​5.0 U1
For any Service Packs or hotfixes of products that are not specified, assume that the previous version is the supported set.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017