How to setup Portrait Suite SSIS packages in a clustered SQL Server environment

Product Feature: SQL Server Integration Services

Operating System: Windows

Database: SQL SERVER 2012

Configuration: Clustered

The SSIS Packages provided as part of the Portrait Suite are not cluster-aware and Microsoft themselves make the following statement about deploying SSIS packages into a clustered configuration:

Microsoft does not recommend that the 'Integration Services' service be configured as a clustered resource.

A discussion by Microsoft on why they do not recommend clustering SSIS integration services in a cluster and what alternatives they suggest instead can be found here.

A practical run through of how the hosts can be configured to mitigate this issue without having to create a clustered resource is discussed here by a Microsoft Consultant:

In short, remember to make sure that all the pre-requisite software features and the SSIS packages themselves are installed on each of the hosts participating in the cluster before implementing the approaches suggested in the preceding articles.

UPDATED:  April 3, 2017