How to use the Enquiry Label Tool in Exponare

UPDATED: July 19, 2017

Exponare Enquiry has a tool called "Label tool" this is accessed via the ribbon toolbar. When user selects the label tool and then clicks on the map, the selected map feature's label is turned on. This feature is used to turn on individual labels on a map layer, without having to switch on the labels for entire layer. The configuration needed is as follows:

In configuration manager, browse to the work-context and then to the layer for which labels needs to be setup. Check the value for “User selected label layer”. This needs to have the column name whose value needs to be displayed when user clicks on layer with label tool. For example, for “Parks” layer, the label value should be from column “Type”.
User-added image

Additionally, while using the label tool in Enquiry, the layer should be selected in the drop-down “label layer”
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