MailStream Plus - STD Flat mailing. Why aren't all of the CRRT Bundles on pallets getting the 3602 new (May 31, 2015) 'Basic - CR Bundles/Pallet' rate?

DMM 243 6.3.4 says-
Basic Carrier Route Bundles on a 5-digit Pallet (Basic–CR Bundles/Pallet) Price Eligibility–Flats
[5-31-15] Basic – CR Bundles/Pallet prices apply to each piece in a carrier route bundle of 10 or more pieces that are palletized under 705.8.0 on a 5-digit carrier route or 5-digit scheme carrier route pallet entered at an Origin (None), DNDC, DSCF, or DDU entry.

(DMM reference number is as-of June 5, 2015)

So only bundles on certain pallet levels are eligible for the new rates- Carrier Route Direct pallets, or one of the types of 5-digit CRRT pallets. All other Carrier Route bundles on pallets pay the Basic CR rate. 

UPDATED:  April 28, 2017