How to differentiate between MAIL360 Data Manager, MAIL360 Manager, and MAIL360 Server

These are separate products.
MAIL360 Data Manager
As mail pieces with Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMB) go through the USPS system, they get scanned.  That scan data can be forwarded to Pitney Bowes and then to MAIL360 Data Manager.  The scans are used to keep track of a mailpiece’s progress and delivery as it goes through the USPS system.
Data Manager can generate reports for mail pieces and mailing jobs as-to the delivery time-frames. 
ACS changes Address Change Service/Address Correction Service can also be done.
Remit mail going back to a mailer from a customer can also be tracked.
MAIL360 Manager
This application is used to assign unique serial numbers to mail pieces per the Full Service IMb (Intelligent Mail barcodes) regulations.  Note: MAIL360 Manager does not keep track of days, so is only suitable for mailers who know they will not be mailing more mail pieces within a 45 day period than the number of serial numbers they have available.
MAIL360 Server
This application is similar to MAIL360 Manager in that it keeps track of mail piece IMb serial numbers too.  But it has more abilities: it does keep track of the 45-day uniqueness requirement, and it’s database can be used in conjunction with multiple instances of MAIL360 Manager. 
UPDATED:  April 17, 2017