How To Determine DFSS rates versus DSCF rates Everything shows pallet 1 receiving the DFSS rate. But the CSM-1106 Entry Point for Entry Discount – Facility Type has an S in a MailStream Plus job

Why does the CSM-1106 Entry Point for Entry Discount – Facility Type have an S, but everything else shows the pieces getting the DFSS rate using MailStream Plus(MSP)? 

ENT PT     S920      92003 SCF SAN DIEGO CA 920          NNYNN S       Y

The audittrl shows this –
FSS Destination Discount 12448
Pallet 1 920 FSF 12448 118 Bdls, 12448 Pcs

The 3602 shows these pieces getting the DFSS discount also -
D19 DFSS FSS .153 12,448

The CSM file in question. record 1 has
000131610001P 000001000001         920   F 920   S LOCZ22793921999992

'Container Level' CSM-1104 (positions  42-43) has F which is FSS Facility
'Entry Point for Entry Discount – Facility Type'  CSM-1106 (position 50) has an S (S = DSCF), as that is the facility they are taking the mail to.

But for this facility the SCF is colocated with the FSS, so MSP gives the mail piece the DFSS rate.  CSM-1106 is not part of the rate calculation.
The DFSS discount is indicated by '
Destination Entry' CQT-1105 (position 34)  and MSP has that set to
P = DFSS).
00013161000000010000019211100001NPFGOOO0000053300000533N       F9999 O

If the SCF Facility is not colocated with the FSS, then the FSS pallet pieces will receive the DSCF discount.
And they will still be entered at the SCF facility.

UPDATED:  April 20, 2017