Log Table maintenance in Portrait Dialogue

There are nearly 200 database tables used by Portrait Dialogue (PD) System Database.
A few of them can grow very large, but because of foreign keys and other dependencies, care must be taken when deleting records.  

In Dialogue version 6.2 and higher, archiving of old messages is included in the product, and can be implemented when needed (see the documentation).

For a Dialogue 6.1.x and lower implementation that has been in operation for over a year, some maintenance will help with performance.
It is best to contact Pitney Bowes Professional Services to implement an archiving solution to clear out the unnecessary data stored in the Dialogue system tables. 

Alternately, there is a document available which proposes some approaches for clearing down these files.  
This document is only relevant for Dialogue versions 6.0.x and 5.1.x.

UPDATED:  August 28, 2018