issue- MAIL360 Data Manager reports do not show any scans received for a mailing. (Due to late ingestion of the Mail Piece Job file.)

A user reported that they entered a mailing at the USPS.  Then 2-3 weeks later, they realized that they had never ingested the Mail Piece job file for the mailing into Data Manager.  They then ingested the file, but when they ran reports on the mailing over the next few days, no information was showing about the mail pieces being scanned or delivered.

The way Data Manager works is that when a mailing is being prepared to go out, the Mail Piece job file should be ingested *prior* to the mailing going out.  We recommend submitting the file 2 days before the mailing goes out, to allow Data Manager to have ample time to ingest the file, even if it is doing other activities as well.

This ingestion is needed because when the Mail Piece job file is ingested it sets up entries in the Data Manager database so-as to be prepared to correctly receive and process scans received for the mail Pieces.

When Data Manager receives scans from the USPS/Pitney Bowes Software, it searches it's database to match the scan(s) to the database entries that were previously set up when the Mail Piece job file was ingested.  
*If* the Mail Piece job file was never ingested, then there are no DB entries to match the scans to, and so the scans will end up in one of the 'unmatched' tables depending on the scan type (unmatched_mailpiece_scans, or unmatched_acs_address_changes, or unmatched_acs_Nixies).

For this reported issue, since the Mail Piece job file was not ingested until 2-3 weeks after the mailing went out, the mail pieces had already been scanned and delivered, but all of the scans that had been received during that period had gone into the unmatched table.

The time frame for the rematching logic, roughly we can say that the outmailpiece records having Job Mailing Date lying in the range of plus/minus 51 days from the scan date.

For example, if there is a scan with scan date Jan 31, 2017 and there is an outmailpiece record with Job mailing date of Dec 1, 2016, then the record will not match/rematch even if IMB is matching

(If needed, it is possible to manually rematch those scans after the Mail Piece job file has been ingested.  Instructions are in the Data Manager Operations Guide.)
UPDATED:  April 20, 2017