Adding a new Mailer ID into Mail360 Data Manager, and preparing the Pitney Bowes Hub for it.

New Mailer ID's do not have to be manually added into Data Manager (DM) at the client's site. 
It happens automatically. because when a Mail Piece job file is ingested into DM in preparation to a mailing going out, table entries are set up for scans to be received from the USPS.  
If a new Mailer ID is being used in the mailing, then the Mail Piece job file will include it, and DM will be ready for scans for it.

FYI- Two things *do* need to be done when a new Mailer ID is being used-
1) The USPS has to be notified by the customer that scans for the new Mailer ID should be sent to Pitney Bowes Software.

2) Then Pitney Bowes Software has to be notified of the new Mailer ID, because we have to update our forwarding process to know what company the new Mailer ID belongs to so we can forward the scans correctly to their DM server.

Pitney Bowes Software Tech Support can assist with both 1) and 2).  You can email, or call 800-367-6950 (options 1  5)
UPDATED:  April 11, 2019