How to know if MailStream Plus support USPS Customer Supplier Agreements

Products affected:  MailStream Plus All versions

Product Feature: Customer Supplier Agreements

Operating System: All Platforms

Customer Supplier Agreements(CSA) are special presort agreements between the USPS and a specific Customer, as to how the USPS wants pallets to be prepared.  CSAs are for First-Class Letters and Flats only.

MailStream Plus (MSP) does support them.
Once the CSA agreement has been reached the USPS provides CSA documentation to the mailer.  The mailer needs to provide that information to Pitney Bowes Software Tech Support, and our developers will create custom Reference Files for the mailer to use in MSP.

-CSA Reference Files
The DD’s for these file's locations must be set in the job for each job:
Please reference the IVP or IVPFILE sample job to see the example of what these DDs should look like.

Once that is done and the CSA files have been loaded into MSP, CSA processing is turned on with the ALG PL parameter position 58.
UPDATED:  April 20, 2017