How to find out about LDAP User Privilege Requirements in EngageOne

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Q: The EngageOne install checklist and the install guide appear to contradict each other about the privileges the EngageOne LDAP user requires. Does the EngageOne LDAP user need the ability to create groups in the LDAP store (in this case Active Directory) or simply enumerate already defined users and group?

A: The LDAP user defined for EngageOne does not need the permissions to create groups, just enumerate them.

That is just ambiguous phrasing from the checklist. The checklist is referring to the access needed to the LDAP server by the actual people doing the process of installing; e.g. When installing a fresh EngageOne, the customer might decide they need to define new groups for EO. Then someone would need to edit the LDAP, to create corresponding groups.

The EngageOne software suite itself never needs these permissions, nor does it have that functionality.
UPDATED:  October 31, 2017