Using Document Links System Settings and the Document Management System in Confirm

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand
In Confirm® there is a Document Links System Settings screen that is used to set the location for documents that are linked to entities such as Defects, Street Works, Inspections and Features. On the Confirm Explorer this is in System Administration > System Configuration > Document Links System Settings.

The Document Store Folder location is used to specify the directory path to the Folder that will be used as a central document store.

The Document Store setting is used to specify where files should be transferred to when choosing to upload a file to a document store in the Document Links screen. The options are:
  • Folder will upload document files to a Document Store Folder
  • Web (PUT) and Web (POST) provide two common protocols for transmitting files across the internet. The configuration of the remote web service would dictate which of these is used.
The Web Service URL specifies the location of a web service capable of receiving documents sent from Confirm. Documents will be sent to this web service when the Document Store setting is set to Web (PUT) or Web (POST), however images uploaded from mobile devices will continue to be transferred to the Document Store Folder location.

On Document Link screens, such as the one you can open from the Enquiry screen, should the file path contain either of the placeholders $Document Store$ or $Document$ then, when the Launch button is clicked, Confirm substitutes that placeholder for the file path in the Document Store Folder field on the Document Links System Setting screen.

For more information look in the Confirm help file under System Administration > System Configuration > Document Links System Settings.
UPDATED:  April 3, 2017