How to manually install a Render Engine for Vault

UPDATED: March 30, 2017

How can I manually install a Render Engine for Vault ?

If you are having trouble with installing the service for your render engine on your Vault system, then you may be seeing something like this:

E:\Vault\render>e2renderd3.exe -i

15:45:01 Rendering Engine 6.0M0p0044

15:45:01 (C) Copyright 1993-2012 Pitney Bowes Software Inc.

15:45:01 ERROR 80022: unable to create service, error [1078]

In order to correct this , then please do the following:

- in the render directory, register the service
e2renderd -i

* BUT Before Executing This On The Command Line , note the following:

You need to have this setting in your e2renderd.ini file :

display=e2 Vault Render

( where “e2 Vault Render” equals whatever you want to name the service. )

Moreover , make a copy of your original render directory (inside your Vault installation folder) , name it "render2" or something similar , then go inside this newly created folder and rename the "e2renderd.exe" and the "e2renderd.ini" files to , "e2renderd2.exe" and the "e2renderd2.ini" files .   NOTE: that both the render executable and render INI must be named exactly the same .
Open the "e2renderd.ini" and insert this into it's contents:
display=e2 Vault Render

And save the file. Now , at this point , you may proceed with executing the command on the command prompt window.


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