Portrait Foundation DAT - Float Types

Product Feature: Generic access
When auto mapping database float types in the GDA configuration, there may be some real or perceived issues with the mapping of float types depending on the version of the software. This issue is fixed in version 4.4 Update 3 onwards.  Prior to this version, the issue can be worked around by manually mapping the database float type to a double type.
In versions later than 4.4 Update 3 the issue can be resolved by making sure the definitions for the types are updated, which can be achieved using the 'update definitions' button in the bottom left of the GDA configuration wizard.  Once this step has been carried out, then auto-mapping of the database types will happen without issue.  This issue has been addressed fully without the need for this workaround in version 4.4 Update 5.
UPDATED:  March 24, 2017