How to resolve 'Error code: 59' in Paramics.

UPDATED: April 20, 2017

1. Generate code using QClientKeyReset tool by following steps:
  • Locate QClientReset tool at path: Start Menu -> Paramics -> Tools -> QClientKeyReset.
  • Click on "Check HASP" to get the HASP key.
  • Click on "Test Reset" to check if the support desk can generate a code.
  • Click on "Generate Code" to create a number sequence code.
          User-added image
  • Share the generated code with Paramics support team. (Mail to: and
  • Also, confirm if the dongle light blinking or not.
2. Update "REMOTE RESET CODE" (provided by Paramics support team) using following steps:-
  • Locate QClientReset tool again.
  • Click on 2nd Tab Labelled as "Quadstone Reset Lock Code".
  • Enter the shared code in a text box of "Quadstone Reset Lock Code".
         User-added image
  • Click on "Validate" and "Reset" key to finish the process.

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