How to reflect changed password of Active Directory(AD)\Lightweight Directory Services in EngageOne

Users in EngageOne are authenticated via Lightweight Directory Access protocol (LDAP) \ Active Directory protocol.
EngageOne saves credentials of a user (given at the time of installation) that is used to connect Lightweight Directory \ Active directory during Application Server start and EngageOne Admin login. If password of this user is changed, EngageOne is not able to connect to Lightweight Directory \ Active directory.

Changed password can be reflected in EngageOne via link - http://<host name>:<port>/EngageOneAdmin/LdapSetup.jsp
<hostname> and <port> should be replaced by host name and port of Application Server on which EngageOne is hosted.

On this page,  Active Directory(AD) \ Lightweight Directory Services host name, port, distinguished name and password of user (used during EngageOne installation) is required.
UPDATED:  April 5, 2017