Explanation of the optional CASSA1 parameter used when executing the CODE-1 Plus batch driver, C1BM00

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus

The CASSA1 parameter tells CODE-1 Plus to override the CASS certification data as it appears in box A1 of USPS Form 3553. This allows you to CASS-certify CODE-1 Plus and use your own company name and/or software name and version number.

NOTE: Using this parameter will invalidate the USPS Form 3553 if you have not previously received a CASS certificate from the USPS for the vendor name and software name.

Using the CASSA1 parameter with no values will cause a parameter error. The software version number must be presented in the V.RR.MM format, including the periods. The software version number in box A1 of USPS Form 3553 is very specific and cannot be modified. This format is a USPS requirement. If you specify a new software name, the new name will replace the CODE-1 Plus product name on all report headers with the exception of the parameter Listing report and the Execution Log. Any other information can be added to the report heading by using the UHDxx and UFTxx parameters.

NOTE: Your particular licensing agreement may not permit your company to certify the CODE-1 Plus product under your company name. See your software licensing agreement for permitted scope and use of the product

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017