How to create a batch job dataflow using a Spectrum real-time service

UPDATED: August 21, 2017

Once created, a Spectrum real-time service can be implemented inside of a job to run a batch process. Follow these steps to make a batch job from an already created real-time service
  1. Create a new Job in Enterprise Designer and save it.
  2. Add a "Read from File" or other appropriate input stage to the new Dataflow. Configure the stage to point to your batch data.
  3. Add the desired service from the stages list to the Dataflow and connect the "Read from File" to it.
  4. Add a "Write to File" or other appropriate output stage to the Dataflow and connect the service to it. Configure where the batch data will be written to within the stage.
  5. Check the Field Transform Options for both links to ensure the data is mapping correctly by double clicking the circles on the paths between stages
You can test that the dataflow is working by using inspection input and adjusting settings as necessary.

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