How to use Operational Attribute Types in Confirm

 Product Feature: Customer Services
Operational Attribute Types are a form of Enquiry Lookup and can be linked to Enquiry Subjects. You can add multiple Operational Attributes to an Operational Attribute Type.

The Operational Attribute Type lookup allows user defined Attribute Types to be set up to store Text, Number, Date and Pick List values against records. These Attribute Types may be used for the following types of operational records:

  • Enquiry Attributes (Module 1460). Default Attributes for an Enquiry are specified on the Enquiry Subject.
      In addition to Enquiries Attribute Types may also be used for 
  • Defect Attributes (Module 0510). Default Attributes for a Defect are specified on the Defect Type.
  • Job Attributes (Module 0715). Default Attributes for a Job may be specified on the Hazard Type if Module 2310 is present. 
Confirm Operational Attribute Type screen.
UPDATED:  October 4, 2017