How to use the workaround for the use of ClickOnce with MapXtreme

UPDATED: September 22, 2017

Officially, we do not support Microsoft ClickOnce with MapXtreme®. 

However, there is a workaround available. In the Visual Studio project, refer to the MapXtreme dll's from the GAC folder instead of C:\Program Files\Common Files\MapInfo\MapXtreme\X.X.X folder.

In the case when the user is creating a basic Windows Form and adding a MapControl to it, the MapXtreme dll's are being referenced from C:\Program Files\Common Files\MapInfo\MapXtreme\X.X.X folder. If these dll's are removed, or if the folder X.X.X is renamed, then the dll's will be automatically picked up from GAC folder and Publishing the project will not throw any errors.

The user may also manually change the References in the project.
It should also be noted that the published application will run correctly only if the same version of MapXtreme is installed on the target machine.

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Products Affected: MapXtreme


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