Error "InspectionCategory conversion not implemented for '12'" encountered when running the street works transfer agent in Confirm

UPDATED: November 9, 2018

The following error is encountered when running the Confirm Street Works Transfer Agent:

"Error caught in MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionProcessingManager: InspectionCategory conversion not implemented for '12'. 
Stack Trace: at MapInfo.Confirm.Xml.Eton.EnumConvert.ToInspectionCategory(String inspectionCategory) 
at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionProcessorHelper.PopulateInspectionCategory(IActualInspection inspection, InspectionNotice inspectionNotice) 
at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionNoticeProcessor.PopulateInspectionCategoryAndOutcome() 
at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionNoticeProcessor.PopulateInspection() 
at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK "

This error normally occurs either when the recipient organisation is still on EToN 5 and it therefore cannot do the correct conversion for the inspection category for EToN 6 or the inspection has got an Inspection category assigned ('Category B and C' for example) that is not valid for EToN 6.

Check the Inspection category assigned to the inspection and change it to a valid EToN 6 inspection category.


Environment Details

Product Affected : Confirm
Product Feature: Street Works



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