How to bias page orientation settings in Vault

UPDATED: October 18, 2017

orienti=, orientj=

Used to bias the orientation detection code so that the pages dominated by unusually
oriented text can be forced into the correct orientation.

p – portrait
l – landscape
i – inverse portrait
j – inverse landscape

When the metacode rendering occurs, the engine will increment 4 internal counters for
each orientation. The highest value at the end of rendering will determine which
orientation to use. The value of orientp, orientl, orienti and orientj will be added to the
initial value of these counters.

For example, if 100 characters of landscape text existed on an empty page, you would
normally view the page in landscape. However, if it was supposed to be portrait, the
initial values could be biased by setting orientp=200, which would mean that it would
be displayed as portrait as long as there were less than 200 landscape characters on the

Environment Details

Product Feature: Render

Operating System: AIX

Database: Not stated

Configuration: WebSphere


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