How to send a Street Works Batch in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works

How to send a Street Works Batch:

Street Works Batch
Each file that is imported or exported constitutes a Street Work Batch. A Batch can contain Notices, Inspections, Comments, Fixed Penalty Notices, Penalty Withdrawals, Operational Districts or Restrictions.

The Street Works Batch screen allows all of these Batches to be listed:

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Batch Number, Batch Type and File Name (and path) will be entered together with the date and time when the Batch was either imported or exported.

Batch Number:
 Assigned automatically from the Street Works Seed numbers.
Batch Type:
 This will be display one of the following options:

Works (Faxed) 
Operation Districts 
Penalty Withdrawals. 
Export Creation: The date the Notification was successfully exported by Confirm Task Processor. 
Import Creation: The date the Notification was received into Confirm via the EToN Web Service.
File Name:
The name and path to the file location will be shown in this field.

If the Batch was exported via Email then the File Name will display 'Sent via Email'.

If any errors were encountered while saving the File then the error message will be displayed here.
Transfer Info:
This will display warnings and errors generated on import of a Batch.

Launch button
Use the 'Launch' button to view the related Batch files. The system will search all the directories specified in the Street Works Systems Settings for the Batch file identified in the currently displayed record.

UPDATED:  October 4, 2017