How to create a MapInfo Pro Workspace and use it in older versions of MapInfo Pro

UPDATED: August 2, 2017

Yes you can but only if you do not use a new feature that was introduced in this version.

For example if you create a MapInfo Pro 12.5 workspaces with the New Layout Designer Window, you would not be able to use that in MapInfo Pro ® 10.0.

If you choose to open workspaces in older versions of MapInfo Pro, please refer to the section: "File Versions and TAB, MIF/MID, and WOR Support" in the MapInfo Pro Help Guide to discover which features were introduced with the different releases of MapInfo Pro.

Before sending your workspace to a colleague using an older version of MapInfo Pro, you must open the workspace in a text editor and review the top three lines. The line highlighted in bold below dictates which version the workspace can be opened in.
!Version 1250
!Charset WindowsLatin1

Environment Details

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro


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