Running an 'unattended' or 'silent' install of Portrait Foundation

Product Feature: Installation
Releases of Portrait Foundation prior to v4.4 used answer files as a mechanism to ease installation across multiple servers, but 'unattended' or 'silent' installations (without any user involvement) were not possible.
Version 4.4 of the product changed the installer to be a Microsoft msi-based installer and this allowed more options in the installation, but it was not until version 4.4 Update 3 (onwards) that the installer could be considered as fully silent. From that point all aspects of the installation including database installation, core software installation and configuration could be achieved using PowerShell scripts.

To take advantage of the PowerShell-based installation, please read section 8 of your Portrait Foundation installation guide (v4.4 U3 onwards) which comes as part of the product's documentation set.
This will allow you to install the core software, but it does assume that you have previously installed the database(s). The database installation can be scripted with PowerShell too, but we don't include it within the documentation because usually, customers use the same database across multiple servers.

Underlying this functionality is a bespoke PowerShell module that we include within the core Portrait Foundation product install which gives access to over 100 commands.
Details of these commands can be found by running the following from a PowerShell (v2.0+) command prompt:
Import-Module -Name PortraitFoundationModules
Get-Command -Module PortraitFoundationModules
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017