How to ingest a CSV file in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: September 13, 2017

The ingestion of CSV (comma separated values) to Vault is possible with corresponding journal file. CSV can be generated from Doc1 Designer using Linedata as Output device.

Generally, if files need to be store and retrieve as-is, with no rendering or page range selection, collections is probably the best way to go. For example, use collections to store a mix Word files, JPEG images and CSV files in a single job.

If there is need to render to PDF, to be able to select ranges of pages or want to use the XML journal, then using collections is not an option. Client support for collections tends to vary however using the Vault API to retrieve documents should be possible.

When CSV via DJDELINE is ingested,  XML journals with the profile setting can be used as below:

The first switches the document build mode to use XML journals.
The second option disables journal to page signature checking. When using DOC1 generated streams (e.g. AFP), a signature is placed in the first page of a document and in the journal. These are compared during load to ensure that the documents match. When generating data with other systems, these signatures won't be present so the check needs to be disabled.


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