How to derive total 'number of stops' in a Paramics network

UPDATED: March 6, 2018

Use 'Paramics Analyser' to record the 'number of stops' on links approaching signalized intersections.

Number of Stops records the total number of stops (either full or fractional) across all lanes for vehicles traversing a link on approach to a signalized intersection. When recording a full stop, a vehicle enters a stop state when its speed is less than the Queue Speed set in the Configuration, and exits the stop state when it either exceeds the Queue Speed or leaves the link; on stop state exit, the total stop count for the current Analyser interval is incremented by 1 for the approach link. When recording a fractional stop, the time in the stopped state is recorded and this stop time is looked up in a table to obtain a fractional value between 0 and 1, inclusive; this fractional stop count for the current Analyser interval is added to the total stop count for the Analyser interval for the approach link. As with all link statistics, the number of stops are recorded per vehicle type.

In order to record stops on all links not just signalised links, use the trajectory output to record vehicle speed per second, post process the csv to record the number of 0 mph instances on the network.

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Product Feature: Analyser


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