MailStream Plus- How to populate Mail.dat Field Codes CSM-1184 (Postage Statement Mailing Date), and SEG-1129, SEG-1130, SEG-1131, SEG-1134, WSR-1104 (dates for Automation coding, Carrier Route coding, Carrier Route Sequencing, Move Update, and Walk-Seq)

CSM-1184 (Postage Statement Mailing Date) can be populated with either subkeyword M3DATE or MDMFDD. 
For the usage differences between the two, please refer to the MailStream Plus Reference Guide.  

SEG-1129 (Automation Coding Date)        is populated with the CDAUTO subkeyword.
SEG-1130 (Carrier Route Coding Date)     is populated with the CDCARR subkeyword.
SEG-1131 (Carrier Route Sequencing Date) is populated with the SDCARR subkeyword (*or WSDATE subkeyword, see below.)
SEG-1134 (Move Update Date)              is populated with the MDLPMU subkeyword.
WSR-1104 (Walk-Sequence Date)            is populated with the WSDATE subkeyword.  
*If there is no SDCARR subkeyword, then the WSDATE value (if present) will be used for SEG-1131 also.)

For information on what subkeywords can be used with which xx INF parameters (RP INF and/or EP INF and/or BATINF and/or PA INF), please refer to the MailStream Plus Reference Guide.  The Reference Guide is available on the web site.
UPDATED:  April 14, 2017