How to find information for installing MapInfo in a Citrix Environment

Citrix Installations
Typically, a Citrix installation is performed by an IT Specialist or a system administrator, but this is not always the case. There are no special installation instructions for installing MapInfo Professional in a Citrix environment. In addition to the product serial number and access code (supplied on the Product Activation Information Card in the product box), you will also need the MapInfo License Server machine name and port number to activate MapInfo Professional with. The system administrator will supply this information.

Information for IT Specialist or System Administrators
In addition to MapInfo Professional, you will also have purchased a MapInfo License Server Utility to activate MapInfo Professional with. Citrix installations require a MapInfo License Server Utility to activate MapInfo Professional. For instructions on how to install and set up a MapInfo License Server for your organization, see the User Guide that is provided with the Pitney Bowes Software Inc. License Server.

Number of MapInfo Professional Instances a Citrix Server can Support
The Citrix server should comply with the basic requirement provided by Citrix. To determine the amount of RAM required for your Citrix server to serve MapInfo Professional, multiply the base footprint by the number of concurrent MapInfo Professional users. If the footprint is 100M and there are five 5) concurrent MapInfo Professional users,then multiply 5x100M=500M RAM required. The previous calculation is an estimate, because MapInfo Professional has many dependencies, such as the type of data in use and type and frequency of operations performed. Different operations may have different memory requirements; the following are the most memory intensive operations:
  • Running object processing operations, with Clean and Check Regions being most intensive
  • Running complex SQL statements
  • Editing and drawing objects
  • Extensive use of the cosmetic layer
  • Extensive labeling
Environment Details
Products Affected: MapInfo Pro 
UPDATED:  October 3, 2017