How to turn on CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) processing and post return codes using CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected: CODE-1 Plus
The DPVIN parameter can be used to activate CMRA processing when executing C1BM00 by placing a Y in position 26.  When calling the C1MATCHx callable program, the P9IDPV-CMRA field must be blank (which is the default).

If executing C1BM00, the DPVOUT parameter can be used to post the CMRA return codes.  Specify the location for the flag to be output in positions 12-14.    When calling C1MATCHx, P9ODPVC can be used to post the return code.  In both cases, the return code definitions are as follows:

Y = address found in CMRA table
N = address not found in CMRA table
blank = address not presented to the CMRA table

UPDATED:  May 28, 2019