What does the error message in the msrpxlg "MSRFMC Date - not available" mean in MailStream Plus?

Operating System: z/OS
MailStream Plus(MSP) z/OS user installed the July USPS Reference files on the z/OS system and sees this error when running a MSP job at the bottom of the msrprpt :
*** ERROR *** The Postal Reference file has Expired.
When the expiration date of the USPS Reference files was checked in the msrprpt :
Postal Reference File Build Date JUL15
End Mail Induction\Expiration Date                       2015/09/31

As the date today was July 22, 2015, it could not have expired.

In the msrpxlg, one of the USPS Reference files has this message:
MSRFMC Date - not available

The rest of the MSRFxx files have dates:  Date -  JUL15

Once users checked the execution log for the USPS Reference file installation, there was an error found. The MSRFMC file did not load successfully.
In the file allocation, the CYL was too small.
They will increase it to :

// SPACE=(CYL,(72,10))
This is the correct size defined in the MSPALOCF, MSPDBINS and MSPDBINS

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017