Importing a Street Works Operational District (OD) Batch file into Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
To import a Street Works Operational District (OD) Batch file to update Organisation information in Confirm® do the following as per the help files:

From the Confirm Explorer go to Site Register > National Street Gazetteer (NSG) > NSG Import.

From the NSG Import Filter screen select the location of the OD batch file (Only files named in the format "_od.xml" e.g. "1234_od.xml" will be imported according to the Gazetteer specification.)

Tick the Import OD Batch Files tickbox and select OK.  This will load ALL OD batch files stored in this file location.

During OD import, new Organisation records will be created and existing records updated.  There is an OD Update field on the Additional tab of the Organisation screen.  This does not show the date the import was done.  It shows the VersionCreateDatim entry from the OD import file and is the date and time the file was exported from other organisation's system.

If the Organisation record has a Permit Scheme which does not exist on the receiver's system, one will be created with default details listed below and a note saying that it was automatically generated.

Identifier - the supplied identifier
Name - the Organisation's name 
Start date - Today's date
End date - None (unlimited) 
Notes - Text that indicates that this was an automatically generated Permit Scheme. 

UPDATED:  July 19, 2018