MapInfo Pro 12.5 x32 and x64 and installing the MapInfo PDF driver

Can the MapInfo Pro PDF driver be re-installed without uninstallingf/re-installing MapInfo Pro?

No, you cannot uninstall/re-install the MapInfo PDF driver alone....
To re-install the PDF driver, user must uninstall MapInfo Pro via Programs and features, not transfer the license when prompted,
and then re-install MapInfo Pro, which will re-install the MI Pro PDF driver.
MI Pro should open as activated. 

Note: if user needs both MI Pro 12.5 x32 AND x64 installed, MapInfo Pro 12.5 x32 must be installed 1st.
IF not, then the installation of MI Pro 12.5 x32, will overwrite the installation of the MapInfo Pro 12.5 x64 PDF driver, but the x64 install of Pro
after the x32 install will NOT overwrite the x32 install of Pro's PDF driver.
UPDATED:  April 3, 2017