How to find different Methods of Entering Confirm Streetworks Applications

Product Feature: Street Works

Streetworks 'Classic' Screen

A customer is looking to upgrade from an older version of Confirm, for example  Confirm V12.20, which still has the Streetworks 'Classic' screen. They are, say, currently using it to enter applications, for example ‘Traffic Light Applications’, that have been raised by private individuals as opposed to  utility companies. The classic screen disappears in the later versions. so in what ways can the same objective be achieved?

‘New Planned Street Works’ & ‘New Street Works Licence’ Wizards

These may be used but may not produce exactly the same results as when using the 'classic' screen. For example the data populated into the fields 'Works Type', 'Notice Type' and 'Site Status' may be sourced differently.

Events and Diversions

The 'Events and Diversions' module can be used to achieve our aim. So, for the above example, this module enables us to basically record a 'Traffic Light Application' entry on the Street Works Register so it appears on the map for coordination purposes. We can set up a 'Street Work Type' called 'Traffic Light Application' and are then able to plot these using the 'New Events Wizard'.

You will require this module to be acquired and in place.
UPDATED:  October 3, 2017