How to change the value of a prompt based on another prompt in EngageOne

Product Feature: Interactive Correspondent
User has a requirement where they need to change the value of a prompt based on the selection in another prompt in Engage One Correspondent.

For eg. they have to choose a subject based on a condition. 

Both the subject and the condition are prompts. On the basis of the condition selected in the prompt, how can the value of subject change accordingly?

If you are after a conditional prompt selection based on 1st prompt, then Active Content Group is one way to achieve this, we believe all you have to do is design your logic in Designer in such a way that when the user selects a particular value in the first prompt, the condition is triggered to display the value in the next prompt. 

If you are after changing a second prompts value with the content of the first, you would need to use a variable to concatenate first value to second. 

For the use of conditions, Active Content, please refer to the documentations for more information. 
UPDATED:  October 31, 2017